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Justice and Peace Group

The group consists of 12 members, four of whom come from St Edmund's. There are retired teachers, health workers, a lecturer and a missionary medical practitioner who all help in deep and detailed discussions, which have the purpose of reaching agreement on action against injustice wherever it is to be found.

Our main issue this year has been local poverty. We had a talk by a member of Christians against Poverty from Haverhill and, with information from the Citizens' Advice Bureau, we found that debt, particularly debt to loan sharks, plus poor money management were responsible for much poverty. We arranged an open meeting on Money Management; we also wrote to the Government asking it to legislate to curb the amount of interest loan sharks can charge. We also wrote to the Ministry of Education asking them to stress the subject of Money Management in schools. Plus we have produced a new leaflet, which we hope will simplify how the Credit Union works; this we hope to distribute throughout the town. Apart from our main issue, we have taken up the decision of the Government to abandon its law to make the production of cluster bombs illegal, so that production can start again and we are in touch with Amnesty about this issue.

We wrote a letter to the Department of Energy and Climate Change before the UN Conference on Climate Change in Durban giving the Minister our support. We have discussed the issue of slavery in the UK and also the use of torture in conjunction with the USA.

We wrote to the Governor of Texas about the decision to execute Linda Carty although she is known to be totally innocent. We are in contact with Reprieve who work for those on Death Row in the States and also for those held illegally in Guantanamo Bay. We are presently concerned about the management of women in prison and a letter has been sent to the Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice. We await his reply.

To work for the Kingdom of God through working for Justice and Peace needs the support of all Christians, so please help us in our work and support any campaign that we institute. The group meets on the 3rd Tuesday of the month.
Kathleen Fleming

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