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How to Book a Place at Mass

Before you make a booking, please be aware of the following important information:

• Please do not arrive at the church more than 15 minutes before Mass begins, but also try to avoid arriving at the last minute. Although queues will probably develop, we ask that you comply with instructions from our volunteers so as to ensure speedy and smooth entrance and exit to and from the church.
• Social distancing must be maintained at all times, both in the church and outside. Please do not congregate outside or inside the church at the beginning of Mass and be ready to leave promptly after Mass to avoid unnecessary risks to yourself and others.
• Face coverings must be worn at all times and will be supplied for the first few days, after which we request that you provide your own. Please note that people will not be admitted if they do not wear a face covering.
• The toilet will be available but must be cleaned after every visit using the materials supplied. Children must be accompanied at all times to ensure that cleaning is properly carried out.
• We acknowledge that these arrangements are not ideal, but they are necessary to avoid contagion and to comply with church and government guidelines. You have a duty to avoid attendance at the church if you have any symptoms of Covid-19 or other communicable illnesses.
• Although the parish is taking all reasonable steps to ensure your safety, please be aware that you are required to make an informed decision as to whether it is appropriate for you to attend Mass, and that you share responsibility with others for maintaining a healthy environment. If you decide to enter the church, you do so at your own risk.

Your co-operation is appreciated.

Please follow the links below to register for attending a Mass this weekend:
Sat 6pm
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Sunday 8:30
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Sunday 10:30
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