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Welcome Pack for Parishioners New to the Parish

The Parish Pastoral Council decided a short while ago to create a "Welcome Pack" for parishioners new to the Parish. There will be a few of these printed and available at the back of the church, but it was also agreed that it would be ideal to have in an accessible format on the website. The idea is to have information together in one place about as many aspects of the Parish as possible, in the hope that this information will be useful and will encourage all parishioners to find their home with us.

In discussion, it has also become apparent that a lot of regular parishioners have no idea about the wealth of activities that are going on in our Parish and that we can be justifiably proud of. Covid has clearly had a knock-on effect and people are no longer sure about what is happening in the Parish. It is hoped that this pack will provide everyone with a reference point both for knowing what is going on and how to get involved.

We have spent a lot of time trying to think about all the things both new and regular parishioners may wish to know, and to research and include appropriate contacts for all the various groups. However, if you think we need a page on a particular topic, or if a particular group has not been included and should be, then please forgive us, and let us know so that we can quickly get it added! You can either speak to a PPC member, or to the Parish Secretary via the Presbytery. We have carefully chosen both printed and web formats that will enable us to update things efficiently.

Finally, it would be very useful to have feedback about the Pack, positive as well as negative, so please feel free to chat with any PPC member about it and they will make sure that your comments are reported back to the PPC.

Welcome Pack for New Parishioners update 2023.docx

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