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Parish Life

Parish Pastoral Council

St Edmund's has an active Parish Pastoral Council that meets six times a year. Members of the council are elected for a three-year term and can serve only for two consecutive terms. The members elect the officers from among their number, including the chairperson. The Parish Priest is the President of the Council.

There is an AGM in March each year to which all members of the parish are invited and reports of the running of the parish are given. A report of the AGM and Parish Finances is published shortly after the AGM. Parishioners are welcome to bring any matters they wish to the Council through the Parish Office.

View the Parish Council here.

Parish Finances
We have a very active Finance Committee that meets quarterly to give guidance and keep an eye on the finance and fabric of the parish. We try to maintain our buildings in good condition and to take action on our quinquennial survey. We have very good contact with the Diocesan Finance Office, which is most supportive and helpful to us. The Finance Committee examine the finished accounts of the parish and recommend them to the Parish AGM. We try to work in an open and accountable way, conscious of caring for money given to the Church and aware of the requirements of the Diocese and Charity Commission.

Gift Aid Declaration Scheme
If you are a taxpayer and you participate in the Gift Aid Declaration Scheme (GAD) it will enable the Church to reclaim tax from the Tax Man, from money on which tax has already been paid. All donations qualify for tax relief. There is no need to say how much you will be giving and there is no commitment for a set length of time. The Church will be better off by about 20p in the £1. Participating in GAD Scheme will have no effect on your tax position.

Gift Aid Declaration Forms are available from the Presbytery and once completed, you can then donate to the Church by Offertory Envelopes with your number on or by Bank Standing Order or by Cheque made payable to St Edmund's Parish.

Signing a GAD form is a very easy and painless way of increasing your offertory collection and any donations made to the Church.

Standing Orders
Many people now use this method to make their offerings to the Church. It means that what they give is consistent and is given for those weeks when they are away or cannot get to Mass. If you have not signed a standing order, please consider doing so. Contact the Parish Office for details.

Churches Together
Our parish is committed to the work of Churches Together and is an active member of the local group. More information about this work can be found at their website.
Churches Together in Bury St Edmunds and District