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Mothers' Prayers

Mothers' Prayers continues small in number but immense on quality. We now meet on Friday mornings at 11am at the home of Eileen Power to pray not only for our own children but also for children throughout the world. Mothers' Prayers is in nearly every country of the world including Russia and China.

Many wonderful answers to prayer have occurred especially when children have turned away from drugs and abortions have been cancelled. We sing hymns, pray with the special Mothers' prayer book, read scripture and ask for special intentions in our families, concerning sickness, children who no longer go to Mass, or any other concern troubling a mother. We speak in confidence and have a special fellowship with each other. We pray for other Prayer Groups and for all children suffering injustice through abuse, poverty and neglect. The meeting takes just about an hour and tea is served at the end.

Eileen Power

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