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The Bury branch of the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC) is the longest running pro-life group in the UK. We deal mainly with the dry and dusty part of campaigning on all pro-life matters, not just abortion but other issues that flow from pro-abortion attitudes, and the laws that govern issues like handicap, mental health, euthanasia, suicide, after-abortion care, sex education in schools, contraception, morning after pills and TV abortion advertising.

We campaign by being in close contact with MPs, MEPs and politicians on pro-life matters. For example, we are currently 'in Court' with reference to the Glasgow midwives, helping them to fight their case to use the conscience clause in the Abortion Act, and not be forced to work in abortion units.

You will find us delivering pro-life leaflets in Newmarket and Bury and getting pro-life petitions signed both in churches and on the streets. We regularly meet in the presbytery to discuss our campaigning, which is usually in the form of writing to Government ministers, MPs, the House of Lords or the Press. At the back of the church we distribute the SPUC pro-life paper and occasionally organise fund raising like the White Flower appeal and coffee mornings. At the moment we are hoping to expand SPUC's work by re-organising the Eastern Region into a more invigorated organization, which will be able to do more to help others to become more active in and be more aware of pro-life issues.

We sincerely hope you will continue to support our group in every way as you have done in the past. Our prayers and best wishes to you all.

John Neal
Secretary Bury Branch, SPUC

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